This site is a laboratory exercise. The information contained is simulated.
Its realization is the result of a project work, built and elaborated by Classe 4D, Tourist Reception address, of the IPSEOA «Elena Cornaro» in Jesolo (Venice), in April 2021.

Its cultural information on the enhancement of the Venetian land is real, the tourist packages are simulated and invented. As in any simulation, everything you find on this site is based on reality, but it reinvents it and therefore, it is not real.

Yes, travelling!

Can't stand that feeling of tiredness and demotivation anymore? Our body tells us when it needs a break, we just have to listen to it. Maybe you are looking for something new or maybe you just want to switch off and relax: we have what you need.


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 It's no secret that in Italy you eat well and is home to the famous "Mediterranean diet", in fact one of the things that best defines every area of ​​our country is, without a doubt, food.

Art and culture

Veneto is a popular destination for tourists for its artistic testimonies. There are many words to describe the elegance, the particularity and the thousand artistic aspects of Veneto. We tried to find them: in this land, history and art meet and give life to incredible artworks.